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Educational stages


Our objectives for the Preschool stage aim at helping students discover themselves, ensuring that they grow to be happy, free, and good. To do this, we enhance their integral development, promoting methodologies based on experimental psychomotricity, real-life-connected projects, games, and thinking routines. Hence, some of our most central objectives are to develop in them a true sensibility towards communication, to arise their interest towards art and beauty, and to rise their personal, social and intercultural sphere.


Our Primary stage poses a continuum with respect to Preschool, acting too as a consequent convergence towards Secondary. In this stage, we aim to awaken their creativity and their curiosity towards reality, to develop an adequate usage of reason and critical thinking, and to provide them with all necessary tools to continue growing in all learning areas. Particular to the Primary stage of education are our didactic approach to reading and writing, the implementation of the Singapore methodology to address Maths and the Project-Based Learning method. In any case, it is vital that we guide them through their personal growth, promoting their social dimension and showing them their value and uniqueness as human beings.


Continuing with the work initiated in Primary, the proposal in Secondary provides our students with a place to deepen into the meaning of their humanity. The primary objectives of the stage are to awaken their interest of reality as a whole, to develop a more profound relationship between humane reason and affection, to help them consider, propose, discuss and verify hypotheses on reality, to help them gain in depth understanding of the consequences of their value and uniqueness as human beings. At heart, we have the desire to awaken in them the desire to be committed to truth and to adhere to Goodness.


A stage in which the freedom and reason of our students are put into play in the different areas of knowledge and in the relationship between them and with their teachers.
Awakening interest in reality, study and international projects are some of the keys that turn our baccalaureate into a community experience of life and knowledge.
Research, the scientific method, debates and the use of digital technology allow us to prepare our students for the challenges of today’s world.

Bureau of International Education

Giovanni Alario

Head of the bureau

«International projects extend the horizon of my life through real experiences of encounter.»

Rocío Andreo


«By opening ourselves to the entire world I learn to love even the smallest things.»

Pablo Benítez


«It is in relation with others that I have been able to discover the depth of my humanity.»

Saray Palmero


«Embrace the value of the other is the strongest principle of true communion».

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