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Intercultural experiences that promote social dialogue, cooperation projects and educational innovation.

Active citizenship

We have the intention to foster and to cement relationships with other cultures, developing intercultural competence and further skills that are very closely connected to active citizenship. 


To address current social challenges, we want to promote international liaisons that enhance educational research and the implementation of active learning methodologies.


Art deepens our search for something true, and beautiful. Our desire is to develop collaborative projects to address plastic and performing arts as a means to raise social awareness.

Digital Competence

Systematic development of students’ and teachers’ digital competence, in line with the DigCom 2.1, promoting critical awareness, creativity, and responsibility in the use of technologies. 

Educational Stages

Infant, Primary, Secondary, Baccalaureate

Relevant Projects

Project Bases Learning, Cooperative learning, iPad Mobile Learning, Art, Drama, Sport, Teacher training

Learning Spaces

Open classroom, Maker space, Laboratory, Bibliotheque, Artistic spaces, Teatre 

Ongoing Projects

  • Active citizenship: bridges of interculturality

    Schools from Spain, Italy, Turkey and Lithuania are working in close cooperation with each other to develop a pedagogical method that serves to address active global citizenship and, more prominently, intercultural competence.

  • Helsinki. Water and life

    A group of fourteen students and two teachers had the opportunity travel to Alppilan Lukio School (Helsinki, Finland) to participate in a creative STAEM project, integrating art and science. Through different photographic activities and laboratory experiments, the aim was to understand the presence of water in life, and to reflect it through art. The project […]
  • International Congress: Words of Embracement

    «Words of embracement» has been the title that has given rise to the international meeting that we have organized at our center, developed within the framework of the project «A Europe of Rights.» A project that began last year on the island of Lampedusa and which has been financed by the FAMI (Asylum, Migration and […]
  • Lampedusa and Helsinki in Madrid. Genetics and Identity

    15 students and two teachers from Alppilan Lukio School in Helsinki and 8 students and 3 teachers from Liceo Pirandello in Lampedusa were hosted by families from San Ignacio School to participate in a STEAM project on art and science.
  • Pesaro in Madrid. Science and culture

  • Pesaro in Madrid. Theatre and Music

    The students of the Liceo Musical Marconi in Pesaro have been hosted by St. Ignatius School for a week. They were able to work together on artistic expression in the field of theatre, including direct contact with current plays and artists.
  • Siena in Madrid. Literature and science

  • San Carlo. Sustainability and Social Help.

    A group of sixteen students and three teachers were able to travel to the San Carlo school in Milan to learn more about sustainability. They were able to collaborate with the iBVA foundation in activities on energy saving awareness and increasing knowledge of waste and food recycling policies. The trip was complemented by cultural visits […]
  • Bergamo. Culture takes care of me

    A group of twenty-two students and two teachers were able to travel to the Oscar Romero school in Albino (province of Bergamo) to participate in a project on how culture takes care of us and we take care of culture. Through different activities they were involved in artistic expressions that have helped to heal the […]
  • Bergamo. We care for the environment

    14 students and 2 teachers from San Ignacio School travelled to the Liceo La Traccia, in the province of Bergamo, to be welcomed by the families of the school. The aim of the trip was to take part in the Active Citizenship days, working on the theme of the environment. The trip was also complemented […]
  • LAMPEDUSA: natural reserve and immigration problems

    8 students and 2 teachers hosted by the Pirandello Lyceum in Lampedusa to learn about the reality of this Italian island full of natural beauty, a welcoming community and the difficult situation of many migrants who arrive or die near its coasts. Together with the students of the Pirandello Lyceum of Lampedusa we have participated […]


     “We come from different nations and cultures but have the same desire»

    “We experimented the power of embracement  here in Spain”

    “We come from Pesaro passionate about their school musical project”

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