Intercultural experiences that promote social dialogue, cooperation projects and educational innovation.

Active citizenship

We have the intention to foster and to cement relationships with other cultures, developing intercultural competence and further skills that are very closely connected to active citizenship. 


To address current social challenges, we want to promote international liaisons that enhance educational research and the implementation of active learning methodologies.


Art deepens our search for something true, and beautiful. Our desire is to develop collaborative projects to address plastic and performing arts as a means to raise social awareness.

Digital Competence

Systematic development of students’ and teachers’ digital competence, in line with the DigCom 2.1, promoting critical awareness, creativity, and responsibility in the use of technologies. 

Educational Stages

Infant, Primary, Secondary, Baccalaureate

Relevant Projects

Project Bases Learning, Cooperative learning, iPad Mobile Learning, Art, Drama, Sport, Teacher training

Learning Spaces

Open classroom, Maker space, Laboratory, Bibliotheque, Artistic spaces, Teatre 

Ongoing Projects

  • Active citizenship: bridges of interculturality

    Schools from Spain, Italy, Turkey and Lithuania are working in close cooperation with each other to develop a pedagogical method that serves to address active global citizenship and, more prominently, intercultural competence.


    From June 6 to 14, 2023, 6 students accompanied by our artistic director of our theater have taken part in the casting of the national school musical «SEMPRE E PER SEMPRE» by the Marconi Sholl Musical. Our students have joined the dance, singing and stage design groups, working on the final rehearsals for the musical […]
  • PESARO. Biology and Nature.

    14 students and 2 teachers have participated in the Erasmus project with students and teachers of Liceo Marconi in Pesaro. They carry out experiments in the new biotechnological laboratory, learn about the wealth of the Monte San Bartolo Natural Park and participate in a sailing activity on the coast of the Adriatic Sea.
  • Sicily. Erasmus KA1. European cultural heritage and classical culture.

    14 students and 2  teachers traveled to Barrafranca in Sicily, to attend the international festival of Greek tragedies in Syracuse and follow the cultural evidence of the Spanish domination in Sicily.
  • Istanbul. Erasmus KA1. Interculturality and cultural heritage

    25 students and 4 teachers participated in an Erasmus Project from May 6 to 12, 2023 to learn about European cultural heritage and interculturalilty
  • Instanbul Encounter: Social Inclusion

    From April 14 to 20. Organized by Haci Sabanci Anadolu Lisesi, we worked on Social Inclusion with students and teachers from Lithuania, Spain, Italy and Turkey.
  • Siena, Liceo Monnagnese. Literature and Science

    Learning itinerary in sciences and humanities with the students of the Liceo Monnagnese in Siena, visiting the most beautiful places in Tuscany.
  • Alppilan Lukio School in Helsinki. Art and Science.

    Creative project integrating art and science in Alppillan Lukio School in Helsinki.
  • Klaipeda Encounter: Bullying and Cyberbullying

    Meeting scheduled in March 2023 Organized by Klaipeda’s Vydunas Gymnasium, we will work on Bulling and Cyberbulling with students and teachers from Lithuania, Spain, Italy and Turkey.
  • La Traccia (January 2023) Erasmus KA1 movility students

    Erasmus KA1 movility for 16 students and 2 teachers in an artistic high school «La Traccia» of Bergamo in Italy.
  • Madrid Encounter: Identity en personal embracement

    The second international activity of our «Active citizenship» project. Working at San Ignacio on to the ability to embrace the others, directly related to the possibility of building a solid and flexible personal identity.


 “We come from different nations and cultures but have the same desire»

“We come from Pesaro passionate about their school musical project” 

“We have been fascinated by how you learn by doing in Finland”

San Ignacio Community