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«Porte d’Europa» Project Lampedusa

Training activities with European schools and workshops in Lampedusa and in further places that are representative of current migratory processes. This way, a culture of solidarity, hospitality and dialogue is developed, raising awareness about issues associated with refugees.


Raising and strengthening awareness and knowledge of migration and human rights among young people through training and awareness-raising activities
Promoting an active role of young people across different contexts (school, local community, etc.) in disseminating and analysing migratory issues and promoting awareness-raising actions across civil society fostering a culture of embrassement
Supporting young people in building a local network (in partnership with associations, local institutions, and civil society) to promote active citizenship
Fostering the exchange and adoption of good practices on migration, human rights and inter cultural dialogue by creating a European exchange network of schools engaged in building inclusive and multicultural education communities.


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